Welcome! The battle for Corinth is on! This mid sized majestic city is facing its greatest threat in half a century. It all began when someone took up residence in the long dead evil summoner’s tower. It had been dormant since the founding five forefathers defeated the evil wizard so long ago. The city survived the evil summoner and goblin wars, but is it prepared for what’s to come?

Corinth is a planned city. Its citizenry ar mostly human, although it was designed by Gnome engineers and architects. It boasts one of the best plumbing systems in the five regions. It is said that there is no better place to shit in the free world. Corinth is mid sized with some 12,000 residents. Its is protected by a large outer wall, a disciplined city guard and the devoted jocular Mayor Hamburg. The farm land adjacent is verdant and supports the city well. The waterway ensures trade with far away lands. There are strata of wealth in the city but the poor still have good lives. Being poor is Corinth would amount to lower middle class in other cities. Corinth is in good political relations with the Dwarven kingdom to the north.

The trouble began when black ichor began oozing out the of the tower into the adjacent river. Hobgoblins were sighted in greater and greater numbers. Farms in the verdant region were blighted on the full moon. The under city storage for Corinth was invaded – its secret bank emptied, its spell component storage plundered and an excavation conducted. The arch enemy became known as the Dark One.

The Dark One sent a raiding party to a majestic Druid grove where the spell components for a resurrection spell grew. Two plants were stolen and the race to recover them was on…

Battle for Corinth

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