The Great Bear, The Old One, The Druid







Cereval was one of the 5 adventurers who killed the evil wizard Kosto in his tower some 50 years ago. He rarely if ever leaves his Grove now. Direct, powerful and unwelcoming to strangers. He was one of the original founders and protectors of Corinth. Cereval is famous among the druids for his talent in finding, protecting, raising, understanding, training and awakening animals. He has helped two of our heroes – Dorian Graveltoes the druid and Raven the ranger. In both cases he assisted them with their animal companions.

His apprentice was recently killed and Grove blighted by the Dark One. The attack was to steal Cereval’s key to the under city of Corinth. The Dark One knew Cereval was too potent to confront directly so he waited until his apprentice was given the key. Cereval often had his apprenitce place spell components in the under city apothecary-library.


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