Halfling Rogue-Shadow Dancer, Gabriel's Toon




Pippin’s traveling companion and young friend, Scarf.


His grandfather’s sword


The grandson of the famous Rogue-Shadow Dancer, Nuccio, who killed the evil wizard 50 years ago in his tower. Sadly, Nuccio lost his life while claiming the evil wizard’s. His gifts for shadow dancing, intelligence and quickness where legendary. Pippin’s father did not inherent them but Pippin did in spades. Those who knew his grandfather see the same talent and promise in Pippin.

Pippin has been an essential aid to the party. He is most known for escaping capture in the hobgoblin “Factory” they tried to enter masquerading as the Dark One and entourage. The whole party was captured and jailed except Pippin who somehow created darkness and slipped away in it. He singlehandedly blew up the main sections of the Factory after discovering where they kept the explosives and rescued his party mates. The loss of the Factory was a serious blow to the Dark One as it generated most of his forces.


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